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The point-of-care aMMP-8 test measures the amount of collagen breakdown in the mouth by providing a dental fitness (“PerioFitness”) number. Poor oral hygiene, systemic diseases, and environmental factors (stress, habits—such as smoking and high‐fat diets/consumption of highly processed foods) can trigger an immune response, which may lead to the breakdown of the gum tissue surrounding your teeth. This test quantifies any tissue   breakdown occurring in the mouth.

Additional benefits include:

  • Better understanding of your oral health
  • Prevent further progression of gum disease
  • Improved treatment planning by providing the clinicians a measurement of your gum health

Know Your PerioFitness Number

Emerging studies continue to reveal that periodontal health impacts systemic health, and vice versa. Periodontal (gum) disease is a chronic inflammatory disease that not only affects the mouth but has an impact on various organs and systems throughout the body. Therefore, the early detection of aMMP-8 through the PerioFitness test is important in helping to prevent the progression of gum disease, even before problems become apparent.

An abundance of population studies and clinical studies underscore the critical importance of oral health to systemic health. Gum disease has been connected to heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, pregnancy complications, cancer, and more. We call this link the Mouth-Body Connection®. If you have a family history or symptoms of certain health problems, the presence of gum disease is cause for significant concern. It’s why your PerioFitness number is so important.  

Your PerioFitness number helps you understand your oral health and can help you make more informed healthcare decisions.

When Suggested

The PerioFitness test may be suggested by your dentist as a part of your dental examination. By doing the test during your oral exam, it can help detect any gum issues and aid your dentist in treatment planning.


Patient Experience

After reviewing and discussing your dental and medical history, your dentist may recommend a PerioFitness test prior to your thorough oral examination. If the agreed-upon plan includes a PerioFitness test, you experience the following:

  • While sitting in the exam chair, the clinician preps your teeth and gums accordingly for the test.
  • During the test, strips are placed under the gums in 3-4 different areas and are left there for 30 seconds. Then the strips are removed and placed in a tube for testing.
  • The test processing only takes five minutes. During the processing time, your dentist will proceed with your examination.
  • In less than 10 minutes, the test is administered, processed, and results are reviewed with you by your clinician.